Insurance and Protection

Life cover, life assurance, mortgage protection, income protection, redundancy cover, critical illness plans

Many things in life are certain such as births, deaths and taxes!

But what about the less predictable events:

  • Redundancy
  • Illness or injury
  • Premature death

Some of these events can cause great strain, both emotionally and financially.

How would they impact you or your family?

How would you continue to pay the bills - food, gas, electric - and the mortgage?

Who would look after your children if the main wage earner was unable to work?

No one likes to think of the answers to these questions, but can you really afford to ignore them? The state benefit system is designed to assist but the level it sustains and supports may not be to the level you currently live and aspire to.

On your list of expenses, what would be the first thing you give up? Sky TV? Holidays? Food? Your home?

There are of course solutions to help ensure your lifestyle is maintained regardless of life's less predictable events.

At Ashbourne Independent Financial Solutions, we can advise you on matters to ensure you and your family can protect the lifestyle you already have.

We can advise you on a suitable, cost effective strategy to protect important things in life as well as the essentials.

Advice can be given on life assurance, mortgage protection, income protection, redundancy cover, buildings and contents, and critical illness plans.

Remember, we are here to help. As independent financial advisers, we can research the best financial solutions across the whole market.

Contact Ashbourne Independent Financial Solutions to discuss your situation to see how we can help. >>>

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